2022 the evolution into DRC Labs…


2021 Dive deep into the NFT art community following artists and collectors to the Tezos blockchain. Connecting with artist like Shawn Kemp, Jordi, Frank ape, Chris Randall, Mark Knol, and many other talked individuals. Seeing what these talented individuals were doing to stretch the boundaries and possibilities with NFTs opened up the doors to endless ideas.


2020 Dope Rad Cool newsletter interviewing top and emerging artist in the NFT space. Exploring the evolving metaspace providing first hand reviews and information. Interviewing collectors to provide a unique perspective into how the NFT market works. Spotlight projects, collectibles or artists that were found to be interesting or unique


2019 a shift in digital art had happened. Interest was no longer focused around Instagram and what was viral. But instead web 3 had started to take its foothold in the art world. Slowly but slowly artists moved towards twitter, instead of just sharing they were engaging with their audience like never before. After connecting with a few collectors the idea of providing important information to existing audience to help onboard them to NFTs and crypto. While doing this highlighting projects that were evolving in the space as well as collectibles that were starting to take foot.


Early 2107 a trend around 3d animation was developing. having an interest in weird and unusual art this intrigued me. Creating an Instagram to showcase the talent of artist who were getting the spotlight they deserved or art that had gone unnoticed. Building a community around this niche art genre opened up many connections to artists I had become fans of.


2018 wanting to give back to the followers who had supported the Instagram gallery and helping build the brand “Dope Rad Cool”. The website was launched. Many options were thought of what the website could offer to the community. Things like subscription services with top artist to get learning material, launching short animated series with popular artist, and even branched into the music genre. DRC.com became a center for the community to learn more about their favorite artists interviewing artists like Eduard_O, Gavin , and John Karel. Offering insight to developing trends and technologies like AR, VR, and AI art. This was just the tip of the iceberg to come.