#06 | All Time High

One of the most basic human tendencies is desire, desire to want more, desire to do more, and a desire to be better. In the process of desiring things is often obtaining possessions or resources along the way to reach those goals. Providing ways to show that an acclamation of resources leads to making feel better about themselves, helps boost the human self-image.

NFTs are tapping into one of the most powerful instincts… scarcity. They are creating scarcity through the limited supply, and proof of ownership ledgered on the blockchain that can’t be duplicated. Wither there is 1 or 1,000 there will always be record of transfer of goods and who is in possession of it. So if a way for one to attract others is by providing a proof of resources NFTs have those mechanisms in place.

NFTs play on that human nature of wanting scare objects, because a way to show wealth is to prove you are in possession of scarce and value items. We become obsessed with “things” that become scarce and create frenzies around them.

Take CryptoPunks for example, while the quantity of the is no small (10,000) the way to obtain them first hand was long and gone. Thus creating a demand to obtain these possessions, much like we are seeing now by people using their “Punk” as avatars.

After months of following @digitalartchick, things started to click. Often times creators feel pressured to put out as much work as possible to showcase their talents. But what does this do for the market? It creates an oversaturated and stale market.

NFTs are a versatile tool that can be used for everything from art, sporting tickets, and shipping contracts. But the one similarity between them all? Proof of ownership verified via the blockchain.

While everyone has their own motives behind their actions, most NFT collectors are looking to obtain objects that hold value over time. Just like collecting physical art, you would want to protect your possessions and value these pieces so they don’t physically and monetarily depreciate over time.

Every creator has their own motives behind their actions, most are looking to share their work as much as possible with anyone who enjoys it. This brings up the scenario of “Postcards vs. Paintings.”  A printed gift shop postcard will see more hands than the original oil canvas painting. But does that make one art more “valuable” than the other?

NFT Burn Day is a way for artist to “trim the fat” in their collection by eliminating some of their supply if there isn’t much demand or if something just doesn’t fit. This event can also be turned into a performance art in itself. “Burning” allows artist to add value back into their collections through scarcity. After all NFT’s proof of ownership is the most valuable part of owning a digital asset.

Not for the faint of heart.

Take a look at your collection, read over @digtalartchick’s guide, and put yourself in the shoes of a collector.
Is there something out of place?
Are certain items collecting dust?

Maybe it’s time to donate them to a burn address.

NFT Burn Day

How to participate:

  1. Collect: Issue 06 | “All Time High” Limited to 25 quantity
  2. Burn a copy of Issue 06 by transferring the NFT from your wallet to the address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    • This will Unlock “Gas Pump 420 gwei” NFT*

*These will be minted on April 25, 2021
Based on the number of copies sold of Issue #06

In the event that all the copies of Issue #06 could technically be burned during this event and removed from circulation forever. There is a 1/1 limited edition “All Time High” poster that is open for auction on Foundation.

This item is opening for bidding, choose anyone try to obtain it.

So this leaves the possibility of 3 possible NFTs to collect.

What if someone miraculously collected all 3 burn day NFTs from the event?

* hint you’ll need to grab 2 copies of Issue #06

This will earn the lucky hold of all 3 NFTs the special edition 1-of-1 “420 gwei” sticker NFT*.
* This item will be minted but never be listed for sale.

Leaving the temptation and possibility of always trying to obtain all 3.

Good Luck and Happy Burning!


Visual artist and traditional painter working on representing evolving dualities between abstract nature and human designed technologies. Chaos in control, control in chaos.

Using a combination of organic and strict visuals, as well as a duality between abstract and planned elements. Nishe’s work revolves around the meaning of “human” life in our current digital era, playing with the impact of new technologies including virtual & digital symbols to traditional mediums.

With the sea of NFTs hitting the market over the past few months sometimes it all starts to look like a blur. Scrolling down your Twitter feed seeing astronauts, chain links, and iridescent textures it becomes a rainbow of digital media. Occasionally coming across a digital painting that makes you stop and appreciate each virtual brush stroke.

It’s often hard to get caught up in the digital rat race and disregard artist pushing the boundaries with mixed media. While many creators are content and very talented with the tools provided with current technology. There are still a whole artworld out there worth exploring; mixed media.

It is a changing pace to see many talented mixed media artists like NychosSaberDABSMYLAGreg MikeAlex PardeeWizardskull, and Sabet bringing talent and support to the NFT space. Traditional painting is being blended with graphic design, motion graphics merged with photography and graffiti art all while being tokenized together on the blockchain. There is something about seeing the brush strokes, having small imperfections, and being able to touch the art that adds a sense of realism to them.

Having a physical element attached to NFTs isn’t something that common yet, but this doesn’t set aside the visual impact of the digital media piece. After all having the proof of ownership is one of the main driving forces behind collecting NFTs. But with physical media, seeing the layers of paint presented the way the artist intended is part of the experience.

Enter Nishe Ink, combining organic materials, futuristic symbols, and cutting edge graphic design all produced by hand. Many of their works are very similar to textures or graphic posters that grace the pages of Behance and Instagram.

But what sets their art apart from the masses, is the layers and the shadows seen in their work aren’t digitally produced but are painted by hand. The waves in the paint that resembles whipped cream on top of a cake or a frothing ocean are actually raised hand painted surfaces in the cement based concoctions.

Many of Nishe’s work is still in physical media form, but that doesn’t mean they are hard to obtain. There are many different ways to collect such as a budget polaroid print, original paintings, commissions, or even digital textures to purchase on various different marketplaces.

Adding even more layers to this already complex arrangement of mediums are the NFT versions of these amazing pieces. Like creating stunning results using natural elements such as the direction of the sun to produce “360 Escape”, which recorded the angle of shadows around painted textures. Without any introduction one might mistake these animated clip to be all computer generated such with “Trans-Fuse.”

“The lettering, machine like but done by hand, is imperfect. It represent the fact that there’s always humans behind any technologies.”

Which ever medium you prefer there is something offered for everyone to enjoy. Many of Nishe’s NFTs come paired with the physical piece if you are lucky enough to obtain it or there are the small batch hand crafted polaroids often readily available.

How ever you may want to view some of these works be sure to check out @NisheInk and website to stay up to date on new projects in the works.

Collectors Corner


Generated with a custom random algorithm to simulate their world and distribution among 7 planets of a non-solar system from multiple variables to produce the most variant HighPotatoes with random appearances.

A highly engaging and slightly addictive project. At first glance you might not see the appeal, but if you browse their Twitter you instantly are drawn in. Each HighPotato is voted on by the community via Twitter posts. Given a few options each post you are to decide between various traits such as are they a Trader or Hodler, what country did the land-on on Earth, and even things like what type of music they enjoy.

All of this is based off the choices provided and the image for the NFT. After placing suggestions on a few @HighPotatoNFT posts, I wanted this Jazz listening, trader, from Brazil who is yet to be named HighPotato to be my own. Check back and keep an eye out on the potato for me.

BlockChain Buds

Each Blockchain Bud is one-of-a-kind adorable and collectable cannabis nug, Marijuana smoking companion.

Adopt your favorite strain today or try out one with a funky attitude!

As far as highly over characterized NFT collectibles goes this one takes home an award for being creative. Taking a play on words with names of strains such as “Cat Piss“, these little buddies are too fun not to pass up. Make sure you read the “bios” for each of these characters, some are sure to please.

Crypto Kush

420 unique strains of virtual cannabis growing on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens.

With Crypto Kush, you can have your very own strain as a 1/1 collectible asset. You can buy, sell and collect 100% legal digital weed.

With the highly active pixel art it’s no surprise to find an eager fan base behind these collectibles. With a limited supply capped at 420 these NFTs have been getting picked up left and right. Some are even going for a high premium during bidding wars. I would keep a close eye on the secondary market for these in near future.